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Prefabricated walls

What are prefabricated walls?

Prefabricated walls, known as “prefab walls,” are pre-made structural components produced in a controlled factory environment. They are transported and assembled on-site, expediting construction and offering benefits over traditional methods. Engineers and architects design the walls according to project specifications, using durable materials like wood and steel. Skilled workers ensure precision during manufacturing, incorporating different construction techniques and methods. Prefab walls are transported to the site and assembled efficiently by a construction team. This approach reduces labor, time, and waste. Prefab walls are used in various projects, providing energy efficiency, and minimized on-site disruptions. Overall, prefab walls offer a modern construction solution that combines off site fabrication with on-site assembly for speed, efficiency, and quality advantages.


Prodigal Academy incorporates the manufacturing of prefab walls into its curriculum. It allows participants to learn and develop their construction skills in a controlled environment. 

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Design & Planning

Architects from Dream Builders MKE and our engineers collaborate to design the structure and layout of the building, including wall placements, dimensions, and specifications. 

Detailed design plans are created for the prefab walls, incorporating factors like insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing, windows, doors, and any other necessary features. 

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Prefab Wall Manufacturing

The design plans are handed over to the prefab wall manufacturer, who fabricates the wall components in a controlled factory environment. 

Skilled workers use advanced machinery to cut, shape, and assemble the wall panels according to the design specifications.

Insulation, wiring, plumbing, and other integrated elements can be installed during the manufacturing process.

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Quality Control

Prefabricated wall sections undergo rigorous quality checks and inspections throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they meet industry standards and projects specifications. 

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Transportation To Work Site

Once the prefab walls are completed and quality checks are passed, they are loaded onto trucks or other transport vehicles. 

The wall sections are then transported to the construction site, ready for assembly. 

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Site Preparation

The construction site is prepared for the arrival of the prefab walls. This includes preparing the foundation, ensuring it’s level and properly aligned according to the design. 

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Our skilled construction team then takes over the assembly process or at this point we deliver the prefab walls to our customers for them to take over assembly.

Cranes or other lifting equipment are used to position the prefab wall sections accurately.

The wall sections are connected and fastened together, ensuring proper alignment and structural integrity. 

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Finishing Touches

Once the prefab walls are in place, any remaining interior and exterior finishing work is completed. This might include sealing joints, painting, and installing trim.

Electrical, plumbing, and other systems are connected or extended as needed.

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Integration W/Other Systems

The prefab walls are integrated with the rest of the building’s component, including roofing, flooring, and other structural elements. 

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Quality Assurance

A final round of inspections is conducted to ensure that the prefab walls are correctly installed and aligned, and that all integrated systems function as intended.

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With the prefab walls properly integrated and all finishing touches complete, the construction project is finished and ready for occupancy or its intended use.

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