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What is Prodigal Academy?

The need for skilled construction workers is drastic. Builders currently have more jobs than they do qualified people to perform those jons. This has led to many companies offering above the average starting wages to lure people in, but a lot of this recruitment is being done in smaller, more rural communities.               

The inverse of this, there are an overwhelming number of mature people of color that are either languishing in dead end, low paying jobs or unemployed all together. These mothers and fathers in our community have little to no skills to pass on to their children and their children’s children. We leave the model of success up to TV, radio and the internet, while others are creating generational wealth based on skills their parents taught them. Wehther it with their hands or through financial literacy, others are trending upward while our community continues toward destruction.

In collaboration with the Vessels of God, Prodigal Building Systems is facilitating a training program designted to recruit people of color, people reentering society from treatment, jails or prisons, and those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to enter the contruction trades. We work with participants in achieving social goals (i.e. obtaining driver’s licenses, credit repair, financial literacy, etc.) and provide continued mentorship and training opportunities.

Our training is almost exclusively on-the-job in the form of work agreements with WIsconsin area builders for a minimum of one thousand (1000) hours. At the end of said term the participant has the option of being hired full time with the builder or with Prodigal Building Systems. At this time an evaluation will be completed by Vessels of God and candidate to create a plan for personal and financial success.

What we offer


Jobsite Placement

We offer job placement opportunities for a minimum of one thousand hours (1000)



We offer on-the-job training including safety training and OSHA 10 after 90 days.



Transportation to and from job sites is also offered based on availability.


Protective Equipment

We provide participants with Personal Protective Equipment (i.e safety boots, hard hat, safety glasses, etc.)


Professional Equipment

In addition we provide participants with professional tool pouches equipped with a hammer, framing square, nail puller, utility knife and tape measure.



Outside of the valuable workforce development we also offer health insurance after 90 days.



Through accountability and training supervision we ensure our participants are prepared for the workforce. For example, we offer tutoring for those who may wish to enter a Trades Union.


Personal Plan

We assist participants with comprehensive personal plans. In his plan we include a plan to attain a driver's license, if necessary. We will also develop a financial literacy plan with personal specific goals.

By investing in one another we can grow our communities.

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